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Refem da solidão - Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro

10. August 2018, Ingmar Sterke, Ivy Lemos

Ivy Lemos & Ingmar Sterke duo duo from Rotterdam recorded a song with our No Borders For Music guitar, which has been going from musician to musician for over 2.5 years. We are so happy to see that our guitar meets such lovely people.

Ivy's comment to this video:

„I met Ingmar Sterke in Rotterdam because of music and we became very good friends. We have a special project for string instruments and voice. When it comes to guitar we play gladly songs from Baden Powell and Paulo Cesar Pinheiro who also were very good friends. Paulo Cesar Pinheiro started writing lyrics since he was 14 years old and today he is one of the most recorded poets in Brazilian music. In 2016 I had the honor of meeting Paulo Cesar Pinheiro in Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.“

Ivy Lemos

13. July 2018, Ivy Lemos

Ivy Lemos

After more than two and a half years traveling, the dear Ivy From Rotterdam has sent us an acutal photo of our No Borders For Music guitar. The theme is never as present as it is today. Let us never lose the humanity. Help people in need! That can never be wrong. We are looking forward to her song, which she will soon record for our project.

Anne Bakker - Go To Sleep

09. January 2018, Anne Bakker

Anne Bakker and our guitar

The last post has been a while, but we had constantly contact to the guitar and musicians all the time. We are proud to see, that a lot of musicans has fun to take part in our project. Have a look and listen to Anne Bakker, a professional violinist from the Netherlands.

She wrote this:
"I recorded this snippet of my song ‘Go to Sleep’ for No Borders For Music at dolmen D18 in Rolde, Drenthe. My friend Thomas Zwijsen handed me this 'traveling guitar', and I will pass it along soon! These prehistoric monuments where built about 5000 years ago and served as human burial sites. The exact way the dolmens were constructed is still considered to be a mystery. "

More music from Anne Bakker:

Wasted Years - Iron Maiden Cover

10. April 2017, Thomas Zwijsen

Listen to this version from Thomas Zwijsen of the Iron Maiden song "Wasted Years". This song is about touring, travelling and missing home. Our guitar met him at musikmesse Frankfurt last friday. Enjoy it!

James Partoir - Birth

15. March 2017, James Partoir

Last week our guitar had a good time with James Partoir. Listen to his new song "Birth"!

His message to you out there:

"This instrumental is about new life. All over the world life is being created, continuously and it's beautiful to watch it grow.

Thanks to "No Borders For Music" for the invitation to be a part of this project. It was fun to play the travelling guitar and good to know people out there who want to connect humanity through music. It is one of the most peaceful ways I know."

All the best

Travel Report

03. March 2017, Marion Fiedler, The Ballad Fiddler, Eva Glöß

Our travel book is filling up very well. Thanks for the notes. Of course, not everyone dared to introduce themselves. The guitar has been traveling for 15 months and is now being handed over in Marburg.

Best wishes, your No Borders For Music Team

Samuel Bos & Band

06. February 2017, Samuel Bos

Our guitar had a great week with Samuel Bos & Band. Enjoy their Song „Closer To The Sun”.

Samuel: „When we heared about the project we were happy to join it and perform an original song  in our living rooms which is called „Closer to the sun” It is about a roadtrip into the sunny south on which one gets to meet new people,  seeing new places and be open minded to whatever adventure might happen.

We hope this guitar will be played by a lot of musicians and will be a symbol of unification and communication with our common language that knows no borders – the music.”

Albert and Ralf

18. January 2017, Albert Kunze, Ralf Schneider

Albert Kunze and Ralf Schneider sat together playing some songs.

Really well suited for our agenda, they travelled throughout Europe, South West Asia and Northern Africa.

Sa kore sam - Romani Traditional

Makh tsu di eygelekh - Isaiah Shpigl & Dovid Beyglman

Raoui - Souad Massi

Yastayim - Kibariye

Asma asmaton - Mikis Theodorakis & Jakovos Kambanellis

Ralf Schneider from Hechingen

03. November 2016, Ralf Schneider

Ralf and Gabi show us what's it all about.
Let´s play music. No matter where you're from or where you're going to.

Romsko Bitolsko


The wedding ceremony

30. May 2016, Melissa Vulpius


Our guitar was played on Saturday at a christening and wedding ceremony in the Castle Church in Zuschendorf. It was wonderful. Enclosed is a picture of Melissa Vulpius, who stir with her voice the newlyweds and guests to tears.

Josef Salvat

27. April 2016, Josef Salvat

Our guitar in the hands of Josef Salvat, one of the international newcomers in the electro pop scene. Check out his new Album "Night Swim" with a great sound, and little stories between the lines.

Lovely photo

12. April 2016, Anke Haas

Our guitar is currently in good hands at Anke from Dresden. Thank you for that lovely photo.

Unite - Song from 5 continents

20. February 2016, Thomas Zwijsen

This song was composed by fingerstyle & classical guitarist Thomas Zwijsen from Belgium.

This song talks about how beautiful the world can be, united by the oceans and the nature. In this video Thomas and the other musicians wanted to show some of the most impressive places this music has taken them to. The have been filming in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and North America.

Unite - Song from 5 continents

Ich werde Tanzen

01. February 2016, Anna Project

Hallo liebes Team von der Reisenden Gitarre!

Ich habe gestern mit einer Freundin Musik aufgenommen, die zum allerersten Mal überhaupt in ihrem Leben etwas aufgenommen hat. Wir haben es auf ein frisch gegründetes Soundcloudprojekt hochgeladen, und hoffen dass unser kleiner Beitrag zu eurem fantastischen Gitarrenprojekt ein paar nette, wenn auch aus einem Hobby-Musik-Projekt entstandene Höreindrücke vermittelt. Die Profis auf eurer Seite haben ja schon echt coole Beiträge geleistet, wir wollen uns da nicht hervortun, sondern einfach aus Freude am Projekt hintenanstellen. Weil wir den Klang eurer Gitarre eben mögen, und es uns zum ersten Aufnehmen inspiriert hat. Wir hoffen dass unserem Beispiel noch viele andere Leute folgen. Man schiebt das erste Aufnehmen (oder eben dann das Publizieren) als Anfänger ja gegebenenfalls immer wieder voraus und voraus und voraus - bis man dann eben besser ist. Aber ich dachte mir, meine Freundin eben einfach mal zu animieren, damit sie sich traut ihren ersten Stand einfach mal zu dokumentieren. Gerade mit dieser Gitarre, die so viel weicher klingt als ihre eigene Stahlsaitengitarre, das fand auch die Hobby-Sängerin und Songwriterin. Meine Message an euch alle, die ihr die Gitarre nach uns bekommt: join in! Macht einfach mal eine kleine Aufnahme. Ihr könnt sie ja anonym halten, oder euch einen lustigen Namen geben. Der Name Anna Projekt existiert übrigens auch nur seit und vielleicht nur für diesen einzigen Anlass. Wir sind jetzt jedenfalls erst mal auf Rückmeldungen gespannt, und hoffen dass da ein paar nette kommen werden. Bewusst ist uns ja durchaus, dass wir keine Profis und eben auch keine Berufsmusiker sind, und an diese auch nicht heranreichen würden. Was bei uns aber definitiv eine Rolle spielt ist das Herz für die Musik, die Leidenschaft, und der Wille besser zu werden. Durch Üben, Hören, Probieren. Und ab heute auch durch ab und zu mal was Aufnehmen.

Wir hoffen ferner, dass die Gitarre noch viele nette Leute treffen wird. Kommende Woche geben wir sie weiter an Eva Glöß, die hier in Dresden ein Konzert spielen wird. Die Gitarre klingt wirklich schön, und wird noch viele Hände und Ohren glücklich machen.

Noch ein Wort zu euch Initiatoren. Ich finde das Projekt hervorragend, weil ihr ja damit Grenzen überwindet. Von sowas hab ich noch nie gehört, was das Medium Instrument anbelangt. Ich hatte mal eine CD von einem Projekt CAN I RIDE IN YOUR BACKPACK von Marion Fiedler in der Hand, und natürlich etliche Book-Crossing-Bücher. Aber dass ihr ein Instrument auf die Reise schickt ist echt cool.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, und viel Freude mit unserem kleinen Musikbeitrag.

JB aus Dresden

Does Anybody Know?

29. January 2016, No Stress Band

Gianni with his "No Stress Band" from Warsaw/Poland send us their song for No Borders For Music to support us. We would like to share this song with you.

His Statement:
"I wrote this song ''Does anybody know why we are here'' a couple of years ago in India. I travel for work from Poland , to India , Italy and Canada every month. But I keep a guitar in each city I live, so have fun writing songs when I can. The song became a part of the cd called ''Positive Intentions'' recorded with my
band called No stress band. Everbody out are the world...enjoy it."

Watch You Fly

27. January 2016, Andriej Kotin

Andriej was born in Moscow and lives in Poland now for over 15 years. He sent us his "Love Song" to support our campaign No Borders For Music. 

" I wrote it for a girl with whom I fell in love. However it could be also seen as a song about freedom, about giving wings to someone you love without expecting anything else from this person. And this actually is the real "statement" of the song. Just spreading your love away without expect something back for your feelings."