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Marion Fiedler's song

04. January 2016, Marion Fiedler

"I love this guitar! When I held in my hand for the first time I could not stop playing it! I remember it very well. Today I take part in this exciting project in which this guitar gets to cross borders ... from hand to hand. I can't wit to hear all the exciting sounds.

I wrote songs on this guitar which you find on my website and social media platforms. One song is called TELL ME WHAT YOU'RE DREAMING: I want people to start talking to each other again, if not dream together. Lonely dreamers don´t have those wings that carry them to unimagined places in life.

Also, I wrote ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC for this project. I will record it in January for you. Feel free to subscribe to my project - talk to you soon! Make sure to leave your music also!! Talk to you soon!"

Sincerely, Marion