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No Borders For Music

How Does It Work?

The "No Borders For Music"-guitar started its trip with a musician in Germany in January 2016. In November 2019 we made the decision to let another guitar travel within the project. Now, there are two travelling guitars on its way. The guitars will be passed on to a good friend after a week and thus finally goes on tour. We are curious what experience the musician will make with these guitar and which songs will be created playing them with the theme "No Borders For Music".


Do you want to support us or have a Song under the theme No Borders For Music?

You can send us your photos or your song with the theme No Borders For Music via e-mail to or share it with us on Facebook.

Let us set an example! No Borders For Music!


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Marion Fiedler
Marion Fiedler

Musician and Supporter for No Borders For Music

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