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Unite - Song from 5 continents

20. February 2016, Thomas Zwijsen

This song was composed by fingerstyle & classical guitarist Thomas Zwijsen from Belgium.

This song talks about how beautiful the world can be, united by the oceans and the nature. In this video Thomas and the other musicians wanted to show some of the most impressive places this music has taken them to. The have been filming in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and North America.

"I hope you all enjoy listening to “Unite”, a song that suits the No Borders For Music project very well in my opinion.
Unite is the final track from the Divide & Unite album. Many of the songs are mainly inspired by nature, the earth and the oceans, oceans that can divide or unite people. I composed most of the album in Brazil. Other musicians playing on Unite were in Europe, Asia, Africa or America, that’s why we were able to make a video “filmed on 5 continents”.
Musicwise the song doesn’t really have any borders either.. I would consider the drums to be Heavy Metal, the guitars to be Classical, the vocals to be Flamenco..
It was a real pleasure working on this song with these awesome musicians from all over the world, and thanks to technology we really have no borders for music anymore!

Nathanael Taekema (Drums):
"One of my proudest musical achievements ever and a real highlight of my career has been to be involved in the composition, drum recordings and co-production of this exceptional work by my good friend Thomas Zwijsen. We were inspired by the likes of Vincente Amigo and Al di Meola in creating the album, which has pieces ranging from melancholy to jubilant, up-tempo (verging on heavy) to chilled, and is topped off by this sweeping finale “Unite” that features strings and choir. The music conjures images of waves crashing into a rugged coastline, and the corresponding video clip was filmed all over the world. Music Unites!"

Ingrid Pontes (Vocals):
"I hope you enjoy this song and video clip that was recorded by different musicians in different parts of the world.
This song was inspired by the beautiful planet we live in and the lyrics talks about time, the sea, about lives that are intertwined and lives that never cross, on roads that have been and paths that will come. I hope it can inspire you and Unite people from all over the world! Enjoy it „smile“-Emoticon
Love, Ingrid Pontes"


Los caminos
Sin salida
Cierran puertas
Cambian vidas
Que se cruzan
Se entrelazan
Nunca pasan
Es incierto
Como el viento
Tan ligero
Como el tiempo
Que se esconde
Y abriga
La dulzura
Y amargura

Como olas
De partida
No hay rutas
El mar une
Las distancias
Y separa
Por más lejos
Que se encuentre
Aún hay fuerzas
Por el frente
Los caminos
Que se unen
En destinos

Caminos que fueron
Caminos que vendrán
Caminos que fueron
Caminos que vendrán

Thank you Thomas for your support!


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