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Desert Song

15. January 2016, Falco Fink, Brahim Wone

A Song from Brahim Wone from Dakar. Guitarist Falco Fink, professional guitarist, get in touch with the No Borders For Music guitar and recorded a song from Brahim.

His statement:

„I attended a newcomer workshop with my friends a couple of days ago. This way I have found out about this wonderful guitar that goes traveling now. We all played it and made funny videos. When we heard today that those may be shared I picked the best of those videos. This is Brahim Wone playing his desert song. He is incredibly talented. We all loved the guitar, and miss it now. But we wish it safe travels, and ask all musicians who come after us to pass the guitar on so it can travel happily. I want this guitar to still have beautiful journeys ahead, and I want to hear your sounds.”

Falco Fink, guitar player // guitar player of the desert song: Brahim Wone from Dakar, Senegal


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