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22. January 2016, Eva Glöß

Eva Artesano Sonata

Eva Glöß from Wittenberg: I love this idea of sending the guitar into the world! I think its courageous, and will change the world a little bit. I cant wait to get to know more musicians who will play this instrument. In 2 weeks I'll present this guitar and project during my concert 'Wohnzimmerlieder' in Gruna (6. February 7pm/19 Uhr in der EKG Winterbergstrasse 19 in Dresden).

The Ballad Fiddler

18. January 2016, The Ballad Fiddler, Marion Fiedler

Hey guys! Loved your song so much! We made a little video of it and hope that you like it! Big hug, Marion

Posted by Marion Fiedler on Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

Our guitar met The Ballad Fiddler from Ireland in Dresden. Enjoy their song...

"Dear Marion, thank you so much for inviting us. It was such a lovely evening. Thank you for your interest in Irish Folk and in "our" music and thank you so much for letting me play your traveling guitar. Great feeling to it. Hope to see you again soon, Take care, Diana"

Desert Song

15. January 2016, Falco Fink, Brahim Wone

A Song from Brahim Wone from Dakar. Guitarist Falco Fink, professional guitarist, get in touch with the No Borders For Music guitar and recorded a song from Brahim.

His statement:

„I attended a newcomer workshop with my friends a couple of days ago. This way I have found out about this wonderful guitar that goes traveling now. We all played it and made funny videos. When we heard today that those may be shared I picked the best of those videos. This is Brahim Wone playing his desert song. He is incredibly talented. We all loved the guitar, and miss it now. But we wish it safe travels, and ask all musicians who come after us to pass the guitar on so it can travel happily. I want this guitar to still have beautiful journeys ahead, and I want to hear your sounds.”

Falco Fink, guitar player // guitar player of the desert song: Brahim Wone from Dakar, Senegal

Because Love Wins

06. January 2016, Marion Fiedler

I wanted to share this song with you - it´s a song for peace - Because love wins. I wish you all a peaceful and happy 2016. I can´t wait to hear more people playing on the guitar during its travels! Hugs! Marion

Marion Fiedler's song

04. January 2016, Marion Fiedler

"I love this guitar! When I held in my hand for the first time I could not stop playing it! I remember it very well. Today I take part in this exciting project in which this guitar gets to cross borders ... from hand to hand. I can't wit to hear all the exciting sounds.

I wrote songs on this guitar which you find on my website and social media platforms. One song is called TELL ME WHAT YOU'RE DREAMING: I want people to start talking to each other again, if not dream together. Lonely dreamers don´t have those wings that carry them to unimagined places in life.

Also, I wrote ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC for this project. I will record it in January for you. Feel free to subscribe to my project - talk to you soon! Make sure to leave your music also!! Talk to you soon!"

Sincerely, Marion

What is No Borders for Music?

01. January 2016, Marion Fiedler


Dear Guitar Friends,

the team of "No Borders For Music" would like to make a musical statement together with you for a peaceful coexistence in the world. We all love the music and making music. With music, we can convey our feelings to other people and inspire them. Music connects people. Music knows no borders. What happens during the campaign "No Borders For Music"?
The "No Borders For Music"-guitar is going to begin its trip with a musician in Germany in January 2016. The guitar will be passed on to a good friend after a week and thus finally goes on tour. We are curious what experience the musician will make with this guitar and which songs will be created playing her with the theme "No Borders For Music".

Do you want to support us or have a song under the theme No Borders For Music?

You can send us your photos or your song with the theme No Borders For Music via e-mail to or share it with us on Facebook.

Let us set an example! No Borders For Music!

Your No Borders For Music Team